Nirvana - Spliced

Size: S
Sale price£59.99

  • Drawstring hoodie
  • Super-soft Brushback fleece
  • Pockets on each side
  • Fitted cuffs and hem
  • Relaxed fit

Nirvana was an influential American rock band that emerged in the late 1980s and achieved immense popularity in the early 1990s. Founded by singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic, Nirvana became the poster child of the grunge movement, a genre characterized by its raw, distorted sound and introspective lyrics. Their breakthrough album, "Nevermind" (1991), propelled them to global stardom, with its lead single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" becoming an anthem for disaffected youth. Nirvana's music encapsulated a sense of rebellion, disillusionment, and emotional depth that resonated with a generation. Despite their short-lived career, the band's impact on the music industry and popular culture remains enduring, making them one of the most revered and influential bands of all time. Tragically, Cobain's untimely death in 1994 marked the end of Nirvana, leaving a profound legacy that continues to inspire countless musicians to this day.

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